Do you know what is keratin Treatment?

Keratin is the protein that is already present in the hair and nails. To put it simply, keratin is the fibrous structural protein that contributes to the strength of hair. As a result, keratin assists in the formation of strong, silky, and shiny hair.

There are 2 types of keratins:

  1. Alpha Keratin

Alpha keratin can be found in both hair and nails.

  • Beta Keratin

In birds, beta keratin is present.

According to research, the amount of keratin protein in the hair decreases due to diet, lack of pollution, and other factors. Due to this, everyone experiences hair loss, dullness, white hair, etc. In order to restore hair and strengthen hair, keratin is used.


  • In this process, a layer of keratin protein is applied to the hair to strengthen it.
  • During the Keratin treatment procedure, the substance Glyoxylic acid is infused into the hair. Because of this, the hair becomes straight, shiny, and silky.
  • Due to our busy lives, a keratin treatment is essential for us. Because we frequently neglect to maintain the health and straightness of our hair
  • Keratin treatment makes hair feel lighter and less frizzy.
  • Keratin treatment price depends on the treatment used and according to your hair length.

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Steps of Keratin Treatment: Know Everything from A -Z

Step 1: Wash your hair twice.

Step 2: Blow-dried your hair.

Step 3: Apply Keratin

Step 4: Message the Treatment

Step 5: Leave it for 30 minutes to absorb the Keratin

Step 6: Rinse the hair

Step 7: Blow dry and Ironing


  1. Don’t use hot water to rinse your hair
  2. Use Keratin shampoo and conditioner
  3. Away from the sea water/ swimming pool water
  4. After the treatment, wash your hair 2 times a week
  5. Avoid Hair colouring

How does keratin treatment help hair?

Keratin treatments are highly advised by both researchers and hairdressers to make hair stronger, smoother, shiner, and appear healthier. Get a Keratin Treatment home/ salon from Smita Makeovers near me in Lucknow.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

  • Manageable Hair

You can easily manage your hair because it maintains its smooth, straight, and soft texture.

  • Gives a Shiny look

Keratin reduces split ends, makes hair less frizzy, and gives it a glossy, shiny appearance.

  • Long-lasting Effect

Once you’ve had a keratin treatment, you can wash your hair twice a week. As a result, it can remain for up to six months.

  • Hair Growth

A keratin treatment speeds up hair growth and reduces hair loss and breakage.

Reasons to choose us for your Keratin Treatment

1. Our product has been clinically proven.

2.  95% of people adore our Keratin Treatment 

3. Formaldehyde-free

4. Reduce fizziness

5. Long-term lasting

Smita Makeovers Keratin Treatment is clinically proven and it helps to make soft and more manageable hair. The Keratin hair treatment price at Smita Makeovers is consistently the lowest.

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